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Does Menopause Cause Eye Disease and/or Problems?

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Ladies, it’s time to have the talk! We know you’ve probably heard the question before – can hormonal changes impact vision? Well, the answer is yes!

Menopause and pregnancy can lead to dry eyes and other vision problems. Some women even report changes in their vision due to shifting hormone levels during menopause. So, let’s talk about managing your eye health during these hormonal changes, woman to woman.

Our overall health has a direct impact on our eye health and vision. Just as hormonal changes during pregnancy affects eye health, declining levels of estrogen during menopause can cause symptoms of dry eyes and fluctuating vision. 

If you experience red, watery, stinging, burning, scratchy, itchy or painful eyes you could be developing dry eye disease. As dry eye disease progresses, you might also experience fluctuating vision. Seek treatment before it’s painfully debilitating and progresses in severity.

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